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My ex-husband is an asshole and other things

My ex-husband reads my blog and twitter feed and then txts me to tell me I’m an embarrassment and that I sound like a dumb whore. He then goes on to say that I’m a terrible mother and that no one is ever going to want to read anything I ever write.

So I’ll write about him, maybe that will be an interesting and worthwhile read!

My ex-husband looks great on paper. I would go as far as calling him a trophy husband. He’s attractive, has a great job as a molecular biologist (Science!), and is able to make a few people laugh every now and again. How many women say they want a guy who is driven, has a sense of humor, and looks like Justin Timberlake? He would appear to be all of those things but really he’s just a gigantic ball of hate and furious anger.

Here’s why I left my husband! 

1. He completely ignored me. He’d come home from work, turn the TV on and practically pretend I didn’t exist. I still stand by my original theory that he didn’t really like me.

2. He refused to communicate. I would try to talk to him when I was having an issue with our relationship. His answer was always “not now”. When I told him I wanted to leave even then he still wouldn’t go to couples counseling. A few months ago we decided to go to counseling in order to start the start divorce proceedings, THREE YEARS after I originally suggested it. Up until last week he was still holding onto the idea that we might be able to work things out. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS ASSHOLE! YOU HEAR ME! I KNOW YOU READ THIS BLOG! I HOPE YOU DIE!


3. I can’t think of a third reason right now but when he starts reading my twitter feed again I’m sure I’ll think of one.

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